Your Own Valentine’s Day Love Filled With Unique Qualities

Love Unique Compatible

Happy Valentine’s Day May it be filled with the unique qualities of love that surround all of us! What do I mean by this! Look at all of your students! Really Pause and Look at Them!  Valentine’s Day is an exciting holiday for them! They are hoping to be able to give someone a Valentine! […]

Rainbows are Definitely the Right Teaching Tool for Quick Lessons

  AS The Seasons Change Don’t Forget The RAINBOW Looking for Quick Ideas for Your Classroom!             Use the Rainbow! To start you on your way! In the hall waiting for lunch Early finisher homework idea quick write the room task card partner activity substitute plans laugh out loud times/ silly answers Brainstorm […]

Some Ways to Bring Fun and Laughter and to Teachers in the Month of May

  What a way to start your day! These are just some ways you can have some fun this month.  Try it with your students, friends, and family.  At this time of year, when you are a little stressed, every one of us needs to smile a little.   Teacher Appreciation Week slipped by me due […]

Oh My? Where Are All the Outstanding Places We Can Read in Our Own World?

Oh, The Places We Can Read! Read Across America Day was always an important beginning of an integrated week of curriculum activities in my classroom.   For those of you who don’t know the history of Read Across America, it began in 1998 by the NEA to promote the love of reading to students.  It was […]


Happy Holiday Season! I saw these thoughts on Facebook today and felt them worthwhile to share with all of you during these busy days.  They reflect how I need to be reminded each day about how we touch other people’s lives.  Best of luck to everyone this month!  We will need it as we all […]