Some Ways to Bring Fun and Laughter and to Teachers in the Month of May


What a way to start your day!

These are just some ways you can have some fun this month.  Try it with your students, friends, and family.  At this time of year, when you are a little stressed, every one of us needs to smile a little.  

Teacher Appreciation Week slipped by me due to craziness in my life, I literally had bats in my attic, or you can say, ” I know someone who had bats in her belfry.  That all occurred that week, so my mind was on having my house taken cared of by my pest control. They called it an Exclusion in which they removed the bats and then decontaminated the attic, plus much more.  
As I have told friends, God has a sense of humor, I used to teach classes for teachers and students on bats and what value they were in the environment.  I have to say we didn’t have mosquitoes for several years.
  Now that they are gone, I can now give away my two TpT gift cards to the two of you.  Please enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter below. 

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Additionally, I have a free product that has links for many resources for teachers for PreK-12.     
   Here is another giveaway that will be ending soon too. 
  a Rafflecopter giveaway           
Hope the rest of May is wonderful for you!




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