About Me

This page gives you a look at my journey in education, and a peek at my family, and interests.

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Here is a little bit about myself!  I am a retired teacher, after 44 years in primary schools.  Of those years, I was able to spend most of it in first grade!  The magical year when all things are possible!

   I live in Roanoke, Virginia in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is known as the Star City of the South.   I grew up in Weirton, W.Va. a steel town, so I appreciate the fresh beauty of the mountains.

I have been fortunate in my career.  I went to a wonderful teaching college, West Liberty to get my foundation.  Then I received a Masters degree of Education from Johns Hopkins University.  I love to learn and expand my knowledge.   Therefore, I went through three years of training to become a facilitator for the AIMS Education Foundation:  Activities Integrating Math and Science.   Because of this, it led me to be able to teach as an adjunct professor for University of Virginia in Roanoke.  I was then able to share some of what I learned with teachers, so they could make learning fun through hands-on experiences in the classroom.

Dr. Weibe, the founder of AIMS once said, “Remember that for every teacher you teach, they are then teaching their students how to enjoy learning.” The ramification of this ripple effect, always made me feel that what I did was important to teachers and their students!

I became a National Board Certified Teacher as an Early Childhood Generalist, in 2000, and then renewed it again in 2010.  This was a wonderful career motivator and achievement.  Because of this, I traveled to Australia and New Zealand in 2002 to visit schools in those countries.

 I have always loved to travel, especially to the beach.  I was able to explore the world by being a teacher advisor for People to People.  I traveled with them for six summers, with students in fifth and sixth grades.  (I wish I had started out with them when I was young, I would have seen more of the world.)

I was able to travel to Australia and New Zealand  FOUR times, Canada Northwest, and finally to  England and France.  I treasure those trips.  Now I am spending time exploring the United States.

  As for other facets of my life, I have two grown daughters, who have blessed me with four amazing and entertaining grandchildren.  They keep me busy.  I love dogs, especially Scottish Terriers.  I love to read, walk, and take time out for this new journey in my life!

Here are just a few snaps of my family!

My Kids and Their Spouses

My Grandkids and My Dog

Visiting the Roanoke Star!