Your Own Valentine’s Day Love Filled With Unique Qualities

Love Unique Compatible

Happy Valentine’s Day

May it be filled

with the unique qualities

of love that surround all of us!

What do I mean by this!

Look at all of your students!

Really Pause and Look at Them!

  •  Valentine’s Day is an exciting holiday for them!

  • They are hoping to be able to give someone a Valentine!

  • They hope to receive at least one! 

  • Most of all they hope for some fun and smiles from their teacher and classmates!

I know I often got stressed out by the noise and commotion during the day and would forget about this!

So I am offering words of caution to remember to breathe this Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy their UNIQUENESS!


If you do lose your COOL! 

There is always the next day! 

Give them smiles and encouragement as they come through the classroom doors for the rest of the year!


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